Retail Development – St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Joseph’s Pony Express Motel was developed during the 1940s near a traffic intersection that through the years has become the most traveled intersection in town.  While the popularity of the Pony Express Motel had “gone west,” the property’s location continued to hold great promise.  Al J. Mueller Construction was called upon to build the new 5 acre, 43,000 SF Pony Express Plaza.  While this new development offers the benefits of contemporary construction and technology, the architectural design is vintage in nature and adds to the classic landscape for which St. Joseph is known.  Mueller’s final product introduces the Pony Express to the 21st century.  The Pony Express Plaza houses tenants UMB Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Spine & Sport Physical Therapy, Quizno’s, On Site Golf, Anytime Fitness and Panera Bread.